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Our passion is design with purpose. We want your brand to stand out and leave an impression. We specialize in visual identity, marketing campaign design, web design and publishing.

Client's review

We worked closely with the Proacademia team to develop a new style and to rebrand all our marketing materials.  They were extremely helpful in revising all our marketing materials as well as to incorporate the new branding  guidelines on our website. Everything what they did was done exactly like we wanted and we would not hesitate to go back again with our next project. They are knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service. We highly recommend the team at Proacademia to anyone seeking to develop or rebrand their visual identity, create or grow their business.
 With regards,
Jenny, Marketing Director
Complete Women Care, California, CA

Babies & Smiles 

Visual identity gives recognition to your brand. You need to build it slowly and continuously, with a clear objectives and a way of achieving them. Your logo should express who you are and clearly communicate your value to the audience. This is our first task. Then we move into the development of the complete book of standards to suit your needs whether it be on letterhead, envelopes or promotional products.
Our client Babies and Smiles was extremely happy with the complete visual identity we created to help them revive their product. The task was to create a book of graphic standards, packaging design, posters, website, social media assets and more.

Dr. Pasha, Sanday, Teatime, Babies and Smiles...


Today's customers are very demanding and don’t buy products just because they’re “good.” They select products based on the attitude "I like it" or "I don’t like it." Regardless of whether a product is something they really need or if it’s just for entertainment purposes, it will sell more if it looks good.
If you have a high quality and prestigious product, but in the end it does not end up in the hands of the customer, it’s worthless. Therefore, the packaging design along with marketing strategies for product placement are extremely important. 
We have produced packaging design for different products that today can be found on the shelves and that customers are pleased to buy.




Power Culture, Obtainer, Homeowner, FutureGen...


When creating editorials, structuring the content, enriching it with good design and aligning it with your market and target group is extremely important. These are our main guiding principles while creating editorials. We produce mostly catalogs and magazines. 



Web design


A good website or landing page leaves a first impression of your company or a brand and influences the behaviour of online visitors. Whether they stay on your website, decide to hire you for your services, or buy your products depends on the structure and design of your online presentation. Make a great first impression and justify it through your client service. We help companies to find the best way to present who they are and what they offer. In doing so, we follow today’s trends, combining UX design and shortening the buyer’s journey.

Below you'll find some of our work.